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Our Product

3D SDI CMOS SWIR Image Sensor

QPD™ Sensor

2D rolling shutter image sensor with automation and bio/medical applications. With the sensor's high sensitivity, dynamic range, and fast integration time, the QPD™ is capable of being seamlessly integrated into any system. Being CMOS-based, SeeDevice provides a SWIR image sensor that is cost-effective.

Spectral Response:

Spectrum Response_1 

  • 2000X improvement in increased sensitivity over existing CMOS sensors

  • 115% more spectral response than existing CMOS sensors from UV to SWIR

  • Up to 100x-1000x more cost effective than alternative SWIR sensor solutions

  • Low light enhancement

  • Tunable, Active Sensor

  • High Dynamic Range

  • CMOS Process Performance

  • Automotive
  • Industrial Machine Vision
  • Medical
  • Mobile
  • Consumer Products