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About Us

Who we are

Paving the way for SWIR

SeeDevice is a fabless image sensor technology company pioneering quantum photodetector (QPD™) based SWIR CMOS image sensor and camera technology. This disruptive sensor technology is ushering in a new era of image sensor performance by bringing to market CMOS SWIR performance through combining quantum photodetector based pixel arrays with state-of the art CMOS mixed signal integration circuits.

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Our story

Inspired by 20+ years of academic R&D of novel nanoengineered CMOS image sensor device technology in Korea and Japan, SeeDevcie was founded in 2017, steadily advancing QPD™ technology toward commercialization. The company licenses its QPD™ technology to global partners and customers to deliver novel silicon SWIR solutions.

Our Partners:

Our Philosophy

Our mission

Pioneering the CMOS SWIR image sensor industry through innovations in quantum sensing technology.


Our Values

One SeeDevice
  • We appreciate, respect, and trust one another.
  • We are stronger together, committing to team over individual success.
  • We believe partnerships based on trust are the key to our success.
Customer Orientation
  • We believe our customers' success is our success.
  • We listen, learn, and anticipate our customers' needs to exceed expectaion.
  • We deliver quality products and reliable service to our customers and partners.
Inclusion & Safety
  • We strive to build a culture of belonging, welcoming diversity.
  • We ensure a safe workplace where everyone can contribute to their fullest potential and deliver their best work.
Truth & Transparency
  • We are committed to being open, honest, ethical, and timely with our information and feedback.
  • We consistently challenge ourselves in the spirit of always improving.
  • We act with uncompromising integrity.

Meet Our Team