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Santa Tracking With SWIR

As we approach the end of the year, a certain joyous holiday draws near. We are surrounded by lights glowing green, gold, and red everywhere we go but for kids all around the world, there is only one person every kid hopes to get a visit from. The imminent arrival of Santa Claus is the reason for all this celebration and decoration all around the world. His looks and names may change depending on the country from Papá Noel in Latin America to Sinterklaas in the Netherlands, but the idea of Father Christmas dropping off gifts is universally loved.

Santa Tracking has become increasingly popular, serving as a fun way for families to keep their children updated on Santa’s whereabouts. Tracking Apps show Santa’s location with an icon that moves along a 2D map, however, to improve popularity the use of a “live feed” could garner more attention. Implementing SWIR (short-wave infrared) into camera feeds can keep live feeds continuously running in the dark of night and when visibility is extremely low. Additionally, depending on the location, weather may also affect visibility conditions such as heavy snow or rainfall.Santa Tracker SDI Logo

Integrating SWIR image sensors into CCTV cameras or other surveillance equipment can keep live feeds running until Santa’s imminent arrival. Due to its size, SWIR wavelengths are a lot less prone to scattering against molecules in the atmosphere, so visibility is not as affected by low-light or harsh weather conditions. Employing security and other camera monitoring systems with SeeDevice’s high-performing, easy integration, and cost-effective QMOS™ (quantum effect CMOS) sensor can make a Santa Tracker live feed a reality. QMOS™ also provides a great opportunity for surveillance cameras to partner with AI technological companies to integrate a generated Santa that shows up in real-time footage to make it more realistic for the public and create a competitive edge over other Santa Tracking services. On the other hand, for a more realistic experience an AI team can also generate point-of-view footage where Santa is navigating inclement weather and with the help of the footage provided by SWIR cameras, is able to navigate safely. Monopolizing on everyone’s interest in Santa Tracking can lead to even more exposure for surveillance and AI companies, providing limitless business opportunities.