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Pioneering CMOS SWIR Sensor Solutions

SWIR Sensing Quantum Photodetector (QPD™)

Short wavelength infrared (SWIR) imaging technologies are a critical need for improving performance of non-invasive optical biomedical/health & biometric sensors, advanced industrial & machine vision cameras, and future advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) /autonomous vehicle (AV) systems. SeeDevice’s patented silicon QPD™ technology delivers high performance SWIR capabilities in proven, cost-effective standard CMOS processes.

SDI SWIR image sensor
Visibility from UV:SWIR

Wide spectral wavelength detection from 200-1650nm

Integration and Scalability

Being entirely CMOS-based, the sensor requires no specialized materials or processes

High Performance (SNR)

High signal to noise ratio image data due to the sensor's sensitivity, dynamic range, and fast integration time

Cost Effective

Up to 100x reduced cost when compared to InGaAs/Ge-based sensors with similar performance


SeeDevice’s QPD™ CMOS process-based sensor has a wide spectrum of applications and can be integrated easily into any technology, enabling the ability to disrupt industry specifications.


Mobile Devices





Salomon Jacobsz van Ruysdael's Landscape with Deer Hunters
Art Restoration With SWIR

Applications for SWIR use cases are limitless because of its ability to provide images that are not visible. One application that is especially important is art restoration. Art restoration is a delicate process, due to aging making pieces sensitive or brittle. Applying SWIR in their imaging process allows conservators to view past years of built-up grime or colors that have long since dulled from time and sun exposure, decreasing the amount of handling.

Industrial Vision

Advancements are being made for industrial companies to use automated processes to make their supply chains run more efficiently. Some automated processes implement machine vision into their sorting and transportation technology with their inclusion of image sensors allowing the ability to view diverse types of packaging materials. 

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